Protection of Children

  1. The league recognises the need for children protection and its duty of care to all children playing in League organised competitions.
  2. It is a condition of membership of the League that all Clubs recognise their duties towards children in golf and have systems in place, along with documentary evidence to support such systems.
  3. In League matches, Representative Matches and League Open Day Competitions, the Home Club must provide a risk assessment appertaining to the Golf Course Facility in use on that date.
  4. The Golf Club Management and Liaison Officers must provide documentation for each player, recording medication taken, current illnesses or allergies, together with emergency contact names and telephone numbers along with parental consent forms.
  5. The Northumbria Junior Golf League will not use any Golf Course Facility that does not have adequate systems in place for the protection of children in golf.

Any questions or clarications about this policy should be addressed to one of the following League officials:

  • Chairman: Marcus Chisholm
    Phone: 01670 517706
  • Treasurer: John Storey
    Phone: 01434 605990
  • Match Secretaries
    Brian Docker, Phone: 0191 2522268, Email:
    Peter Cartwright, Phone: 0191 2362574, Email: