Ponteland A, Arcot Hall, Morpeth, Hexham, Whitley Bay, Parklands, Westerhope, Bedlingtonshire

Date Event
18th April Bedlingtonshire v Ponteland A
  Westerhope v Arcot Hall
  Parklands v Morpeth
  Whitley Bay v Hexham
2nd May Whitley Bay v Bedlingtonshire
  Hexham v Parklands
  Morpeth v Westerhope
  Arcot Hall v Ponteland A
16th May Bedlingtonshire v Arcot Hall
  Ponteland A v Morpeth
  Westerhope v Hexham
  Parklands v Whitley Bay
23rd May Bedlingtonshire v Hexham
  Morpeth v Whitley Bay
  Arcot Hall v Parklands
  Ponteland A v Westerhope
30th May Parklands v Bedlingtonshire
  Whitley Bay v Westerhope
  Hexham v Ponteland A
  Morpeth v Arcot Hall
20th June Bedlingtonshire v Morpeth
  Arcot Hall v Hexham
  Ponteland A v Whitley Bay
  Westerhope v Parklands
4th July Westerhope v Bedlingtonshire
  Parklands v Ponteland A
  Whitley Bay v Arcot Hall
  Hexham v Morpeth


Tynemouth, Close House, Stocksfield, Matfen, Ponteland B, Northumberland, Blyth, Longhirst

Date Event
18th April Longhirst v Tynemouth
  Blyth v Close House
  Northumberland v Stocksfield
  Ponteland B v Matfen
2nd May Ponteland B v Longhirst
  Matfen v Northumberland
  Stocksfield v Blyth
  Close House v Tynemouth
16th May Longhirst v Close House
  Tynemouth v Stocksfield
  Blyth v Matfen
  Northumberland v Ponteland B
23rd May Longhirst v Matfen
  Stocksfield v Ponteland B
  Close House v Northumberland
  Tynemouth v Blyth
30th May Northumberland v Longhirst
  Ponteland B v Blyth
  Matfen v Tynemouth
  Stocksfield v Close House
20th June Longhirst v Stocksfield
  Close House v Matfen
  Tynemouth v Ponteland B
  Blyth v Northumberland
4th July Blyth v Longhirst
  Northumberland v Tynemouth
  Ponteland B v Close House
  Matfen v Stocksfield
Semi-final and Final to be played at : Stocksfield GC on the 25th July 2021